My new hair cut!!


We are always living on a budget, we grow some of our Veggies and recently fruit too. Another thing that consumes a lot of money is Hair cut, it cost around 600 Bath to get an ordinary man hair cut. Therefore, my Mrs comes up with a brilliant solution which is have my hair cut done by her. Wow, that's sounds romantic Right?, apart from that she has never ever done any hairdo before. Well, you see the result!! Let me know what do you think of it!!

While,she was butchering my hair she kept telling me that " It's gonna be good honey" it looks great!! she said. As the scissor kept on cutting through my thick long hiair for hours, she said " I think it need to be a bit shorter,

That is it, I blasted out of the cuting area to a bathroom. When I first saw my hair in a mirror, I was freaking out but she tell me that I look allright the hair was good.

Deep in side my head said that I'm so lucky don't need to go out to the plubic or work at this time, if so I would be laughing at and at that moment I was realise and tell her back that, If it's like that good I will go to you work place waring this hairdo then. She was up set a bit,however, after all she spent on my head for hours.

What can I say, she did it because of our sake. I didn't say I like the hairdo,but I appreciated in what she did for me. Then when you see me with the funny hair cut don't be supprise, my wife is still learning.It Would be nice if I could cut her hair too ^_^

see you next blog



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คุณตุ้ย ภาพโพรไฟล์ที่เห็นอยู่นี้ แฟนอ๊อดเขาเป็นคนตัดผมให้อ๊อดนะ เป็นไง เข้าท่าใหม??? อ๊อดตัดให้แฟนตั้งแต่มาอยู่ด้วยกันเลย ไม่เคยไปร้านเลย ประหยัดเงินได้ปีละ ห้าหมื่นกว่าบาท ซื้อตั๋วเครื่องบินไปกลับเมืองไทยได้สบายๆเลย เพราะแฟนอ๊อดเขาตัดผมทุกอาทิตย์เลย

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Wow, your man is good, my Mrs not allow me to touch her hair. The women hair cut is really expensive, I know. Anyway, when my Mrs is getting better in hair cut, I would look better too. Like you said not every barber is good.

Your hair cut is far better than mine

exactly, from the distance is not that bad. Anyway, like you said, she need more practise but not on my head ^_^

:sweating: ดีเหมือนกัน จะได้หัดอ่าน  :sweating:


Hi ชวิน I still can't type Thai. Sorry about that. Thank you anyway to came by ^_^

A nice and lovely couple, I think you look so great for her and us, Sormorchor here. I agree with you that have hair cut aboard is so expensive, :love: next time let it go and be a guy with long and handsome hair.  

PS, try asian (chinese, vietnamese) barber shop is another choice


Our way is not soft grass, it’s a mountain path with lots of rocks. But it goes upward, forward, toward the sun. – Ruth Westheimer

Hey Sis Boston, Thanks for consoling me. I'm fine relly. After all she is the best Mrs I ever had ( actully I married only once). If I don't work in the office, like now. I don't really care much about hair and shave really. However when I do have to go to the office,then that time I have to look approachable ^_^

Here, doesn't have much off the barber shops really, but we do have a cheap one which I don't really like the way they cut. Anyway, my Mrs is considering about practising more !!!

ก็เอาต่อเลย  สกรีนเฮด   ชัวร์สุด  ถ้าสรีนเฮดยังไม่หล่อ   ก็เหลือ  อีกทรงหนึ่ง   ทรงพระ

Thak you so much Aunt, Lek. I will let it be like this for a while, till it can be fixed. I'm not a Handsome guy anyway ^_^